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    Product Description


A concentrated fermented source of esterified mannose oligosaccharides derived from the cell wall of

yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in combination with Bacillus subtilis spores and Bacillus lechinoformis spores

on silica dioxide (carrier) for use as a prebiotic in animal feeds to improve performance


    Features & Benefits


  • Regulates the micro-ecological environment and
    effectively maintains animal body health by
    improving immunity


  • Contains high levels of mannose oligosaccharides
    and beta-glucans which are highly effective
    antibacterial and fungul toxin binding substances
    and also trigger immune response


  • Keeps the balance of intestinal flora; Bacilli-500

    reduces intestinal diseases


  • Bacilli spores produce beneficial products including
    acids, enzymes, vitamins, and antibiotic-like
    substances for more of the intestinal bacteria
    and clostridium spp.


  • Can be used for pelleting feed and keeping a
    very good thermostability


  • Reduces the usage of antibiotics with its
    synergistic effects



    Condensed molasses fermentation solubles (MOS), dried Bacillus subtilis spores, dried Bacillus lechinoformis spores, silica dioxide






        Directions For Use
        Relative Literature


    For poultry, administer at a rate of 300 – 500 grams per ton of feed


    For beef and dairy cattle, provide 10 grams/head/day


    *Local conditions should be considered when determining usage rate



              Product Specification Sheet (pdf)






    25 kg, poly-lined, kraft bags

    1 kg pouches

    500 gram pouches





          cow   dairy cow  chicken  piglet    horse



    **May not be available in all markets due to regulatory restrictions