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Hi-Energy Gel



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    Product Description


An oral nutritional gel for use as a high-energy supplement for dairy cattle


    Features & Benefits


  • Provides a highly available source of energy
    for dairy cattle


  • Contains a high level of niacin to facilitate the rapid absorption of energy


  • Vitamin B12 and cobalt assist in efficiently
    transporting the energy through the
    animal’s metabolic pathways


  • Source of the essential vitamins A, D and E


  • Reduced risk of product entering the lungs when

    compared with liquid drench products


  • Gel formulation keeps nutrients uniformly
    suspended in the product



    Propylene glycol, propionic acid, niacin, magnesium, cobalt, choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, silica dioxide






        Directions For Use
        Relative Literature


    Administer one tube of Hi-Energy Gel prior to provide an immediate source of energy.  Repeat as needed until the animal has returned to a normal energy balance.


              1. Place nozzle near the rear of mouth

              2. Hold head of cow in a slightly elevated position

              3. Discharge the entire contents of the tube.  Allow

                   the animal time to swallow during administration



              Product Specification Sheet (pdf)






    300 ml tubes





        dairy cow



    **May not be available in all markets due to regulatory restrictions