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    Product Description


A natural humate containing humic and fulvic acids for use in animal feeds to assist in mycotoxin control, stiumulate growth and production performance, and improve the overall general health of the animal


    Features & Benefits


  • Contains defined ratio of humic acids and fulvic acids


  • Acts as a binding or chelating agent against toxic

    elements such as mycotoxins and heavy metals


  • Reduces the pH of the intestinal tract to limit the
    growth of pathogenic bacteria such as
    E. coli and Salmonella


  • Stimulates improved feed digestion


  • Promotes the formation of a protective layer on the

    mucous epithelia to assist in protecting against
    absortion of harmful toxins or metabolites


  • Produces faster growth or increased milk or

    egg production


  • Improves feed efficiency


  • Improves the health and integrity of the intestinal
    tract resulting in  less digestive upsets and
    improved nutrient absorption



    Dried aged peat moss (humic and fulvic acids), sodium bentonite






        Directions For Use
        Relative Literature


    For swine, administer at a rate of 2 – 4 kg per ton of

    animal feed


    For poultry, administer at a rate of 1 – 2 kg per ton of animal feed


    For beef and dairy, administer at a rate of 1 – 4 kg

    per ton of animal feed


    For aquaculture, administer at a rate of 5 – 10 kg

    per ton of animal feed


    *Local conditions should be considered when determining usage rate



              Product Specification Sheet (pdf)






    25 kg, poly-lined, kraft bags





          cow   dairy cow  chicken  piglet  shrimp fish  horse



    **May not be available in all markets due to regulatory restrictions