ProByn International Inc. manufacturers and markets natural, non-drug products for use in animal feeds specializing in mycotoxin binders, pre/probiotics, nutritional supplements, and flavors.  ProByn products are designed to enhance the efficiency of animal production while reducing the use of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics. ProByn ingredients and formulas are based on the findings of leading research institutions and are additionally validated by the

company's own research.



          Toxin binder feed additives are a key component in maintaining positive animal health by aiming to reduce the toxic effects of mycotoxins in animals. These toxic effects include, but are not limited to reduced productivity, increased susceptability to disease/lowered immunity, higher mortality, reduced reproductive capacity, and more. ProByn International’s line of high-quality, mycotoxin binder products help farmers and producers achieve the highest level of animal health, thus positioning themselves for maximum profit. ProByn’s broad sprectrum of toxin binders range from simple, low-cost solutions such as the commonly known Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate clays (HSCAS), to more complex and advanced solutions such as Mannose Oligosaccharide (MOS) and humate technologies. Whatever level of mycotoxin challenge your farm is experiencing, ProByn has the solution that will fit your needs.


          Due to the ever increasing resistance to antibiotics in animals, the use of microbial feed or water supplements, more commonly known as “probiotics”, are becoming more and more prevalent in the agriculture industry. Probiotics, which beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance, are to be used to help improve growth, production, and efficiency of the animal. Probiotics are not an alternative to the use of antibiotics for disease treatment but rather are an alternative to low-level, continuous use of antibiotics and when complemented with each other, they can create a very effective treatment program. Similarly, “prebiotics” are also feed or water supplements, however, their mode of action is meant to “stimulate” rather than “supplement” intestinal bacterial population. Prebiotics can be used very effectively in combination with probiotics resulting in a synbiotic. In either case, the use of pre and probiotics is rapidly growing as farmers are leaning more towards prevention rather than treatment. ProByn’s product line of high-quality prebiotics and probiotics have proven highly effective and add great value to any livestock feeding program around the world.


          With ever-changing disease, environmental conditions, and technological advances affecting the agricultural industry, farmers and producers are always looking for more reliable, high-quality nutritional supplements to help aid their livestock in times of need. Nutritional supplements play a major role in the animal health industries by providing key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that would otherwise be lost or go unaccounted for, thus maximizing the overall health of the animal. The healthier the animal is, the greater chance it will have producing a better/greater yeild, ultimately positioning the farmer for maximum profit. ProByn International Inc.’s vast line of high-quality nutritional supplement products are guaranteed to provide beneficial results to any farming system. Our products cover a wide variety of species and are designed with the farmers’ needs in mind. No matter the obstacle your livestock or farm is facing, ProByn International Inc. is dedicated to working together to fit your nutritional supplement needs.


          Flavors are an essential part to every farmers' feeding program. By enhancing plain, non-flavored, bland-tasting animal feed with ProByn International Inc. flavors, the animal will be more likely to consume more feed due to the enticing aroma and/or taste. This in turn provides greater yeilds and gains which are, arguably, some of the most sought after parameters for farmers. In addition to livestock, ProByn International Inc. also offers flavors that are designed to be used for household pet feeds such as in dog food.