“Over 400,000 kilograms of Myco-Power, the superior prebiotic product of ProByn, have fed millions of birds and thousands of cattle achieving complete customer satisfaction through the combined effects of toxin binding, alleviating the [negative] symptoms, and improving growth performance rate.”

~Dr. Shoukry Atallah, Sure Pharmaceutica, Egypt


“One of the secrets to our success is our partnership with Probyn. We have become one of the leading providers of toxin binders in the Philippine Market today-- thanks to Probyn's Myco-Power. With Probyn at our side, we have delivered excellent service, exceptional quality, and practical pricing to our clients time and time again!”

~Enrico Bunyi, Supervet, Philippines


"We have provided ProByn probiotics with great success to the Australian market for many years. Quality and service from this company is of a very high caliber."

~Gary Johns, Transchem, Australia   


“Their approach to increase farm production efficiency without relying too much on pharmaceutical products and antibiotic products is not just a marketing gimmick, their natural solutions is backup by research papers. If you prefer natural solution to farm production efficiency, Probyn is probably one of the name that you can’t do without. ”

~Wong Chuan Wei, Progress Bio Pharma, Malaysia


“ProByn’s top-quality products and superior packaging keeps our customers happy and returning for more.”

~Ashfaq Ahmad Asi, Ali Poultry Enterprises, Pakistan